Thursday, April 11, 2013

In the Wake of Weather Devastation, Hansons Livonia roofing Establishes Disaster Relief Team

Are the company’s ongoing efforts to be a good corporate citizen, they have established this new team


Livonia, MI -- The lead of Hansons Livonia roofing, a provider of multiple types of roofing, recently announced that the company was establishing a disaster relief team to aid victims of natural disasters around the area. “After witnessing an ongoing string of disasters in recent years, we decided that it was time for us to become more active in reaching out and providing help to those that are seriously in need,” said the lead.

“Being a company that is a conduit for roofing, we understand what it is to be proactive when it comes to helping others; we feel that any company that gains from the massive benefits of a free market economy, should be freely willing to participate in providing aid to those who find themselves in the midst of hardships. As a mission to provide Livonia roofing, this is pretty much the business that we are in.”

The chief executive officer went on to say, “we like to consider ourselves as more than just a premier provider of Livonia roofing, for those who need quality at fair rates, we think of ourselves as also being an active member of the global community. Finally, I would like to personally challenge some of our larger competitors to commit to a similar level of attention to those in need.” The company has reported on its good-will efforts and measures to aid economic relief in past releases, but “expect[‘s] this to be our largest charitable fund by far.”

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